World centre of Istrian white truffle

Small village by the river Mirna, hidden from strangers and valuable for connoisseurs, just like the truffles which made it famous

Home of Istrian truffles, Centre of the world of truffles… all these are designations for the small village underneath Motovun – Livade. In the past, when the river traffic reached the village from the mouth of river Mirna, Livade were an important traffic and trade centre for export from this part of Istria. When the river traffic ceased, its importance vanished as well. All until Giancarlo Zigante found the biggest white truffle in the world in the nearby Motovun forest, and so Livade became famous as the centre of adventures related to Istrian truffles.

With its barely more than hundred inhabitants, Livade village is still quiet and peaceful most of the time. But every year, between September and November, this small and unpretentious village becomes the focus of activities after Zigante Truffle Days are opened. During these seven autumn weekends more than 25000 visitors from almost all parts of the world, from the neighbouring Slovenia to the distant Japan, visit Livade.


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