With Millenium at the beginning and no end in sight

The discovery of the biggest truffle marked the beginning of the business success of the company Zigante, today the leading name in the world of Croatian truffles

The headquarters of the company Zigante tartufi d.o.o., the leading name in processing and selling truffles in Croatia, is located in Plovanija near Buje. The business building and the plant for processing and packaging products from truffles was formally opened by the President of the Republic of Croatia Mr Stjepan Mesić in June 2008.

The production in the Zigante plant is fully automated and the overall technological equipment and the employees’ expertise are the guarantee for the production of unique products on the basis of truffles which the buyers can enjoy the whole year long.

The production portfolio contains in total approximately 50 products on the basis of truffles and it is a confirmation of continuous work along with best raw materials. Sold are the white autumn truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) and the black summer truffle (Tuber AestivumVitt) from forest areas of the Istrian region. Truffles are canned whole, minced or sliced, as individual products or with added ingredients such as mushrooms, olives, honey, olive oil and the like. Products processed in this manner make it possible for a wide range of buyers to prepare top quality dishes on the basis of truffles in a short period of time and at affordable prices.

Zigante Delice assortment is also produced on the same production line. Delice is a product range produced solely from the best and 100 % natural ingredients, but without truffles. It includes edible boletus, olive and rosemary creams, fresh tomato sauces with mushrooms and aromatic Mediterranean herbs, olive oil with rosemary, basil, hot pepper and lemon flavour and sweets such as apricot and fig jam as well as acacia honey with added dried fruits and nut fruits.

Today the buyers can find Zigante products in all better equipped retail chains, wine shops, specialized shops and Zigante shops which, in addition to their own products, are also offering a wide range of local gastronomic specialities.

Various possibilities of using truffles in culinary art can be tasted in the famous restaurant Zigante in Livade. As the first Croatian restaurant specialized for dishes with truffles, the restaurant Zigante represents the crown of family entrepreneurship business. Adjoining to the restaurant are rooms Zigante****, modern equipped for a relaxed enjoyment in the flavours and fragrances of the Centre of the truffles world.

As a part of the tourist gastronomic offer, the fair Zigante Truffle Days, during which visitors can get acquainted with Istrian truffles and numerous other top quality autochthonous Istrian products, is organized every year.

Today the company Zigante employs 80 workers and has representative offices in numerous European countries as well as in Australia, Japan and the USA.


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