Inherited love for truffles

The Zigante family was always firmly connected… with each other and with truffles

Even though Giancarlo, when he worked as a toolmaker, dreamed about producing a machine that would be famous worldwide, after work he would go to the forest and enjoy truffle hunting. He considered it to be just relaxation after work, but many people thought that he simply considered truffles to be beautiful.  Thus one day he found no less than 6 kilograms of truffles! Of course, close and wider relatives as well as friends got the chance to enjoy this successful hunting.

But the real turning point for the entire family happened that day in November when Giancarlo together with his dog Diana found a white truffle weighing 1.310 grams in the Motovun forest. The giant truffle named Millenim was entered in the Guinness Book of Records and once and for all directed the entire Zigante family towards the advancement of the status of Istrian truffles.

Today the company Zigante Trufles, founded in 1990 by Giancarlo, is managed by a new generation – his daughter Antonella and his sons Adriano and Marino.


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